Our Story

The CCB Foundation was established in memory of our son Cory Bullard.  On August 19th 2017, at the age of 30, Cory lost his battle with the disease of addiction.  Ironically, this should have been the day Cory celebrated over 2 years of sobriety, but like others trying to manage this life-long chronic disease, Cory had a single relapse, which ultimately took his life.  Like so many other individuals suffering from this disease Cory was intelligent, well educated, funny, caring, and compassionate. He had worked so hard over the past two years of his life to overcome the disease and get his life back on track. He began enjoying life again; hiking, fishing, family events, and being with friends. He went back to college and received his accreditation for substance abuse counseling. 

Armed with this new knowledge and his own personal experiences and struggles with this disease, Cory felt he was well-positioned to help many others who shared his disease. Sadly, two days before he was to embark on his new career as a substance abuse counselor, he slipped, and it cost him his life. As his family and friends, it is our hope to continue the path of recovery and hope that Cory was on and help others who suffer every day from this disease. 

About Our Logo

Cory was very proud of his Irish heritage and a logo incorporating the infinite Celtic knot seemed appropriate. The interlaced design symbolizes how life and eternity are interconnected and is a reflection of the Celtic belief in life’s continuity. We are all eternally connected, both physically and spiritually. It is through our love for one another, our compassion and support, and a deep belief in the human spirit’s capacity to overcome adversity that we believe will one day lead to the end of the disease of addiction.