Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about the mission of CCB Foundation? 

The overall mission of the foundation is to assist in filling the gaps in the treatment and recovery process and to help expand treatment and recovery programs and services. This assistance can take many forms, for example:

   - expanding recovery program services such as providing technology resources to assist in vocational training and job searches;

   - funding transportation services so clients can attend offsite meetings, events, interviews, and activities;

   - subsidizing sober home admissions by contributing to scholarships funds to ensure all beds are filled and the facility remains financially solvent

   - supporting substance-free recreational activities and programs


Can you tell me what you plan to do with future funds that you raise? 

Our mission is to expand the resources that are available to those seeking treatment and support during their recovery. There are so many gaps in the treatment train; from the initial stages of treatment to after care programs once released from a residential program. Addiction is a lifelong chronic disease. There is no cure. We will continue to meet with recovery and treatment program centers, meet with experienced people in the field, as well as other fundraising organizations to collaborate and see where your donations and our efforts are most needed. Through an outreach effort, we have begun to identify local (Massachusetts-based) programs and identify specific needs. While it is difficult to predict specific programs that will be funded in the future, it is certain that any grant made will be consistent with our mission and goals. If you keep checking our website, we will be providing updates on where funding has been provided. Also, bear in mind that CCB Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. We have no paid staff and no office facilities, and so virtually 100% of the donations goes directly to outside programs. 

What's your process for choosing what to do with funds that you raise? 

Through our outreach efforts we will identify, meet with, and vet qualifying programs and ascertain their specific funding needs. These needs will be brought to our Board and will be prioritized based on need, funding amounts required, and alignment with the CCB Foundation’s mission and goals. Once money is awarded, we will continue to monitor how the funds are used to ensure that the funding is spent consistent with the intended purpose.

What's the best way to donate? 

The best way to donate is by using whatever method is most convenient to you.  All donations are extremely appreciated and can be made at any time through the website at using any major credit card.  All credit card donations are securely processed through PayPal. Donations can also be mailed directly to CCB Foundation, Inc and sent to our office at 27 Highview Rd, Rockport, MA 01966